Best protectors to buy for iPhone X and iPhone XS screen:

If you notice the iPhone X and iPhone XS screens, you will see they both are of 5.8 inches in size, but the iPhone XS screen is more stunning with fantastic contrast. When you pay up huge to buy this classy set, then it is necessary to purchase the best screen protector to save the beautiful screen from scratches, hitting, cracking and breaking. Here we provide a list of best protectors that one can use for both iPhone models.

Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector for iPhone XS

If you want the best protector for your iPhone then never ignore Tech21 that sticks to the phone screen even stronger. The good thing about this protector is that it smooths itself over a day with the nails or keys scratches.

Cellularize Screen protector for iPhone XS/X

It is somehow expensive, but one can use it for both iPhone X/XS. Due to their high-quality products, one can trust them blindly. The protector sticks with the screen with enough strength and prevents it from scratching. Even on Cellularize glass protector, it is hard to leave scratches.

Mous Hybrid Glass Screen Protector

Mous hybrid glass protector is another good choice to use because it does not harm the original touch and feels like you are using the original screen. The protector material is thin but provides the same protection that others protectors do. Mous hybrid glass protector also avoid bubbling between the screen and protector, which makes it friendly in use.

Zagg Invisible Shield for iPhone XS

Is your eyesight weak? Zagg invisible shield for iPhone is specially designed by keeping in mind the two fundamental purpose. One is to protect the iPhone screen, and other is to protect eyes from harmful rays. Its safe eye layers prevent the blue light emits from mobile screen to reach towards the eyes. It provides ultimate clarity and bubble free installation so one can fix it up by himself.

Peel Screen Protector

What could be better when your screen protector goes around with the edges of your screen? Peel screen protectors are affordable, protect the screen of iPhone XS/X, even if your mobile back case is thin, and did not cover edges fully. It includes all the features that one look for when purchasing a good screen protector for the iPhone.

Tozo iPhone XS/iPhone X Glass Screen Protector

If you want an excellent protector at low cost, then Tozo iPhone X/XS protector is excellent for use. It also covers edges as peel screen protector covers to protect the borders for cracks. It also prevents iPhone screen from direct scratches.  

Spigen iPhone XS Screen Protector Glas.tR

Spigen iPhone protector comes in one layer; however, this single layer gives 9H hardness and fingerprint resistant. Spigen glass protector also comes for iPhone X. there are two protectors in a pack, so if one damages or scratched one can replace and use another protector for screen protection.

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